Future of Web Apps conference, London Oct 3 and 4

October 5, 2007

The Fowa conference was an interesting experience. Although it was more about “the presence of web apps” than about the future (e.g. what comes next), there where some insightfull talks and good venue to meet the ‘incrowd’.  Here are some talks that inspired me:

Rashmi talks about setting up Slideshare. This started as an experiment, to test some of their theories and thoughts. Setting up social communities seems to be all about “starting a conversation with users”.  Daniel Burka (creative director at Digg and Powence) talked about the same aspect and advices to be ready for mass feedback (good and bad) from users. Interesting discepancy between both talks is that Daniel advices to do user group tests before launching, while Rashmi is all for launching and see what happens…

A more strategic view on the fenomen ‘web apps’ came from Umair Haque. He talks about “the long shadow” that we leave behind because of our many interactions on the web. He argues that for anybody it does not pay off the act ‘bad’ because sooner or later it will haunt us. Obviously Google’s theme (do not be evil) is a goo example that more companies should follow. 

Matt Mullenweg (founder of WordPress) talked about growing the company: ‘scaling’ the platform, business and people. He sees 5 things as key for hiring (in order of importance): personality fit, ability to learn, taste, passion for space and familarity with technologies.