Quote of the day

November 14, 2007

“Running social networks is like starting nightclubs. You need music and beer, of course, and some hard-to describe magic that draws people to the club.” From NewYork times article: Inbox 2.0: Yahoo and Google to Turn E-Mail Into a Social Network.


Creating passionate users

November 12, 2007

Last week, I noticed that Katty Sierra presented at the Web2.0 conference at Berlin, talking about “creating passionate users”. Her blog contains lots of interesting stuff such as this graph. Also, here is her practical guide on how to create (passionate) user communities.


Strategy of Giving

October 18, 2007

Strategy of Giving is the promising title of a ‘yet to be published’ book. I found it while I was browsing on Slide share (looking for inspiration). It seems a brilliant way to create some attention and buzz for your own book, even before it is finished. I am definetely interested to read it.

Wisdom of Crowds

October 11, 2007

I very much enjoyed reading this book, Wisdom of Crowds by James Surowiecki (kottke.org). Research has revealed that groups of people make consistently better decisions than individuals, as long as certain conditions have been met.

“If you ask a large enough group of diverse, independent people to make a prediciton or estimate a probability, and then average those estimates, the errors of each of them makes in coming up with an answer will cancel themselves out. Each person’s guess, you might say, has two components: information and error. Subtract the error, and you’re left with the information.”

The book describes the necessary conditions and discusses many examples. Many social communities and websites are based on these principles. For instance, You Tube or Slideshare use the ‘wisdom of crowds’ to filter out the most interesting content (not necessarily the most-viewed content).

Sclipo: and the winner is…

September 28, 2007
Vodpod videos no longer available.

I organized an online ‘challenge’ for Wacom at the video community site Sclipo. We asked users to upload videos that show their tips and tricks related to pen tablets. The response exceeded our expectations: 82 videos, 42 participants and several 100k viewings. This video won the grand award (a Cintig 21): “Painting Jack Sparrow using a Wacom tablet”, made by MartinNH from Denmark. Congrats, Martin and the other award winners…