Adobe Max Barcelona

October 18, 2007

This week I was lucky enough to be visiting Barcelona again, although there was little time to enjoy the city. Adobe’s developers conference (Max) was in town and around 2000 geeks, developers and the odd marketeer crowded the ‘how to’ sessions. I learned some new things about Adobe:

  • Share‘ is a new file sharing application (currently in beta). What makes it interesting is that you can preview the documents within the app (although currently limited to PDF and images).
  • Adobe ‘Express’ is code name for Adobe-developed Rich Internet Apps, based on their ‘Air’ platform. They showed a web-based version of Premiere Express . Sites such as MTV, Photobucket and Youtube have embedded the tool within their sites.  Photoshop Express is coming as well.  The tools are clearly aimed at the masses and do not replace or duplicate CS3 apps.

Image resizing tool

September 28, 2007

This has been presented at Siggraph last August and has received a lot of attention (400k Youtube views and counting). In the meantime, Adobe has hired one of the inventors of this technology. Hopefully we will see it back in one of their products soon…