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5 senses

This blog is about a passion for innovation. Innovation starts by observing the world around us and asking ourselves ‘why’ questions. As we grow older, we typically loose the ability to wonder, dream and play like we did when we were kids. 5senses is an attempt to bring back our natural curiosity, ask questions and invoke discussion. As if we are to maximize our sensory system and balance sight, hearing, smell, taste and touch to experience the world around us to the full.   



About Peter Kurstjens

As dynamic and entrepreneurial executive, Peter has brought several innovations to life throughout his international career. Coming from a technical background, he has headed the development of emerging technologies to market, such as the world’s first electronic ink displays. Recently, while working at Wacom, he was instrumental in creating a consumer-oriented service offering and online marketing approach to fulfill the company’s brand promise. Peter’s unique strength is to combine both vision with hands-on pragmatism and teamwork to achieve excellent results. His broad interests include collecting modern art and playing golf. More information about Peter can be found here.


This blog is reflects his personal opinion only.


One Response to About this blog

  1. Eric says:

    Hi Kurst,

    Super leuk te lezen. Jij schrijft op een interessante condense manier en weet – althans dat doet het lezen vermoeden! – veel over de materie en de spelers.

    Misschien zou je eens – en dat bedenk ik me nu – moeten praten met die oprichter van Trendwatching.com (Reinier xyz achternaam kwijt) kan je op het gebied van high tech electronics content bundelen?


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