Team meeting space meets product testing ground

This post at Springwise caught my eye: Team meeting space meets product testing ground. The US-based office furniture company Steelcase offers meetings spaces that double as testing ground for their products (such as whiteboards, flipcharts). This is an interesting initiative because of two reasons:

First of all, I believe that there is an opportunity for more inspiring meeting facilities. We have seen enough of those boring and depressing conference centers and hotel meeting rooms for  the many ‘off-site’ events that companies send their employees to. 

This initiative also fits nicely into the trend to let customers try and test your products (and create some brand awareness along the way). I could see this for Wacom as well… How about a Wacom design center that is equipped with Intuos and Cintiq products?  The center could have individual workstations for freelancers and professionals, class room settings for courses and even conference/meeting facilities for creative sessions.  Such a center could also be interesting for partners such as Adobe.  If you have any other ideas, please leave a comment…

One Response to Team meeting space meets product testing ground

  1. Chris Lentz says:

    I am familiar with this company (Steelcase) – and I couldn’t agree with you more re: an opportunity for meeting spaces. I design commercial interiors for a living and was blown away by Steelcase’s new collaborative products at this year’s NeoCon in Chicago. They had a new product called, “media:scape” that was a table with technology built into it… with “pucks” (they even looked like hockey pucks) that, when pressed, allowed everyone at that table to project (instantly) what was on their laptop. It was so cool, we all wanted one for our firm. It’s stuff like that, that can really change meeting rooms (and the open spaces too). If you haven’t seen that, I bet it’s on their website someplace.

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