Future design workspace


I stumbled upon this video, which paints an interesting scenario of how a designer’s workspace could look in the future. Notice the phyisical objects on the surface that are being used  seemsly into the digital space (except for the cup of coffee, or could you spill virtual coffee on the canvas?). Key elements in this video such as the large interactive surface (in this case based on Anoto-pen) and the multi-touch whiteboard are not new, but what’s nice is that all is shown in a balanced way (without putting to much emphasis on cool technology).   


One Response to Future design workspace

  1. Eric says:

    Looks great Peter!

    I think that this type of environment has true added value.
    And indeed interesting to notice the way the fysical color palette and pen work together with the visual environment.

    Couple of remarks:
    – In the video I noticed still quite a significant time leg between the fysical action and the appearance on screen, would that not be a laggard?
    – Furthermore – if I’ve watched correct – the pen is used “in space” without touching the desk, like you’re using a paint spray… I assume that there are more options..
    – The presentation with light from above might restrict the user friendliness of the interface. It would enhance if the light were projected from the back (like an LCD screen)
    Bu interesting!

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