Today I tried out an online spreadsheet/database tool called Blist. I was actually looking for a tool that let’s me manage my collection of art (not that I have such large collection that I need a database, but excel is such a boring tool and I can’t add images that easy). I have a very positive first impression of Blist (which was launched this year). After watching one or two tutorials you are good to go. Interface works pretty intuitive and performance seems fast enough for a web app (it is build using Flex I believe). What puts me off however is that every ‘blist’ (their name for ‘sheet’) automatically shows up on their community page. If you indicate that your data is private, this will not show, but still your username and blist title will be there. Why do I want to bother total strangers with lists of my stuff? Social spreadsheets… as we say in Dutch: “het moet niet gekker worden”. Anyway, this an application to watch.


3 Responses to Blist

  1. David says:

    Check out

    You won’t have the problem you stated with Trackvia.

  2. mathew says:

    Hi there – thanks for giving blist a try – the blist community can actually be a really powerful way to help get started solving a data organization problem – chances are there are other people out there who have used blist to organize similar data – and you can benefit from their expertise – additionally, you might find another person who shares an interest with you – and then you two can start sharing interesting information.

    A lot of data also doesn’t need to be private – our dashboard and discovery features let people find interesting publicdata to browse through and learn from, too.


  3. Thanks so much for trying blist. I just wanted to make two points clear: 1) that you have full control over what appears in the blist dashboard. and 2) Why we have a dashboard that shows what other people are using blist for.

    1) If you go to your profile page and click on the privacy tab, you can configure blist to show you as ‘Undisclosed’ which means that the dashboard will display ‘Undisclosed created the blist ‘My Art Collection’

    2) We show what’s going on in blist on the dashboard for a couple of reasons. First, it inspires you to use blist in ways you hadn’t thought of. If someone else decides to chronicle their art collection because they saw you do it, is that such a bad thing? Second, we are building blist as a place to find and share data. If you see a blist go by on the dashboard called “Antique Fishing Lures” and you have an interest in it, perhaps you’d like to see the structure or ask the owner if you can have access.

    At any rate, I really appreciate you trying blist and sharing your feedback.

    Kevin Merritt
    Founder & CEO

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