May 16, 2008

Today I tried out an online spreadsheet/database tool called Blist. I was actually looking for a tool that let’s me manage my collection of art (not that I have such large collection that I need a database, but excel is such a boring tool and I can’t add images that easy). I have a very positive first impression of Blist (which was launched this year). After watching one or two tutorials you are good to go. Interface works pretty intuitive and performance seems fast enough for a web app (it is build using Flex I believe). What puts me off however is that every ‘blist’ (their name for ‘sheet’) automatically shows up on their community page. If you indicate that your data is private, this will not show, but still your username and blist title will be there. Why do I want to bother total strangers with lists of my stuff? Social spreadsheets… as we say in Dutch: “het moet niet gekker worden”. Anyway, this an application to watch.