Amazon Kindle (update)

This video gives a closer look at the device. A few things that caught my attention:

  • For selection, the Kindle uses a wheel in combination with a seperate (very narrow) display to indicate the ‘cursor’. Since the current E Ink displays have a relative slow refresh rate, showing a moving cursor on it does not work…
  • It seems that the service side of the offering is more mature compared to the existing Libre and Iliad e-readers. For instance, what’s nice is the ablility to buy content directly from the device (using a cell phone type connection), so no need to connect to a PC first. Also, there are several newspaper subscritions available.
  • I still do not like the device design, it is not appealing at all. For instance, the ‘page turing bar’ of the Iliad reader is so much more elegant than the standard buttons on Kindle. Regardless, I understand that the device is already sold-out!

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